Everything You Want to Know About ESG Investing

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At approximately $17.1 trillion in AUM – roughly a quarter of the professionally-managed assets across the globe – ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is one of the biggest stories in the investment industry today. However, it is a constantly-evolving space, with its own terminology and many different approaches to achieving an array of investment goals and desired impacts. 

SRI Investing Asset Growth in the U.s.US-SIF-SRI-Investing-Growth-2000px-2Sustainable, SRI, Impact, Faith-based and Mission Investing all fall under the ESG umbrella, and the types of investors pursuing these strategies are just as numerous. In order to help those interested in building a strong knowledge base around this fast-growing industry, we recently published a comprehensive guidebook to ESG investing.

The guide includes information on the following topics, among many others:

  • An Introduction to ESG

  • The Variety and Terminology of ESG Investing

  • The “Why” and “How” of ESG Investing

  • The Wide Range of Investors Pursuing ESG Investments

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